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Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning 

Time Constraints? New Regulations? Formality? Familiarity? Accessibility? Convenience? Compliance? Monitoring? Tracking? Training? Workshops? Exercises? Updates? Resources? Deadlines Or Frustration?

Which one of these is holding up your planning initiatives?

We address your most important concerns. 
We are industry experts here to help you.

Our planning processes and best practices are designed to assist you with all your emergency management planning and compliance needs.

 Our Comprehensive Approach to Emergency Management Plans is a four step process based on FEMA emergency management guidelines and Continuity of Operations Plan Guidelines.  Emergency Management Considerations include the direction & control of plans, communications, life safety, property protection, community outreach, recovery & restoration, administration & logistics.
New for 2013 Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities: 
All Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP) for Lee County, Florida Must be uploaded in one file.

We work with Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities utilizing the Lee County Florida templates. 

Our certified professional have extensive industry experience and are ready to assist you in all aspects of planning. 
We can assist you with:

  • Reviewing and maintaining your CEMP
  • Testing and exercising your CEMP
  • CEMP workshops to train staff
  • Writing or updating your CEMP
  • Providing additional resources such as staff as needed to complete your CEMP
  • Compile and create your one uploadable .PDF file

Speak with one of our CEMP coordinators/specialist today -
                                                                                                      Linda Hanwacker
                                                                                                      Mary McCormack
                                                                                                      Donna Plourdes