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The LSH Group, LLC

Business Continuity, Continuity of Operations & Disaster Recovery Planning Specialists... "BC/DR Planning $ave$"

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The LSH Group, LLC is an independent provider of Information Technology, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Services. Established in 2006, based in Fort Myers, Florida. We can support a multitude of projects. Whether you require project management support, a BCP manager, fill personnel gaps, address BC and DR regulatory issues, accelerate project schedules or address key areas of Information Technology, COOP, BC/DR planning, The LSH Group, LLC, has a complement of services that can be of great benefit to your organization. The LSH Group, LLC markets to clients involved in Federal/Homeland Security, Banking, Finance, Telecom, City, State and Local Governments, Pharmaceuticals and the Health Services industries, primarily along the eastern states.

All The LSH Group, LLC professionals are BC/DR Certified and have extensive business, IT systems and technical knowledge. Ms. Hanwacker and her team can work closely with companies to mitigate disruptions that can result in financial losses, negative publicity, loss of operations, markets and valuable resources. This team played a major role in the 9/11 BC/DR effort and first-hand experience with weather related events.

Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Ms. Hanwacker is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of The LSH Group, LLC. She is an experienced executive leader with over 25 years in addressing Information Technology, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. She gives presentations to corporations and government agencies as well as speaks annually at major continuity conferences.

Ms. Hanwacker has held several executive positions in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Network/PC Security, Information Technology,
New and Emerging Technologies, Software/Firmware Development and Testing, Network Operations and Environmental Health and Safety. She has served on Sarbanes-Oxley audit teams.